Adviser Resources

Academic advising is an intentional, collaborative relationship based on trust and mutual respect that promotes the student's development of competence, autonomy, and sound decision making skills. Adviser-student interactions are grounded in teaching and learning and are vital in promoting student growth and personal development through learning, discovery, and engagement.

Iowa State University Academic Adviser website 

National Academic Advising Association (NACADA)  


32 Credit Waiver (doc)

Academic Renewal Petition (PDF)

Credit Limit Waiver (doc)

Department Review of Transfer Course, Request for (PDF)

Request for Exception of Academic Policy (doc)

File Transmittal Form

Minor, Request form 

Military Credit Course Evaluation Process for College of Human Sciences (information only)

Multiple Curricula or Multiple degrees

Four Year Graduation Guarantee

U.S. Diversity/International Prospectives Requirements, Waiver form