Untenured Faculty Seed Grants

The College of Human Sciences (CHS) requests proposals for up to $10,000 for seed grant research projects intended to help untenured faculty members develop as researchers. These grants are intended to provide seed funding that will lead to longer term, externally funded research programs. Research proposals must support of the College themes:

  • Health and well-being
  • Education and human development
  • Science and technology in the human environment
  • Community enhancement and entrepreneurship

Complete Details: Refer to the Untenured Faculty Seed Grant form (doc) for complete details on proposal format, process, reporting requirements, and a sample rating form.


Proposals due: April 1 at noon

Funds available: May 15

Funds spent: Funds must be spent by June 30 of the subsequent fiscal year.


The principal investigator(s) (PIs) for the project must be untenured faculty members in the College of Human Sciences. Faculty in their first three years of appointment will receive preference. CHS encourages, but does not require, collaboration from researchers in different departments. 

Submission requirements

Proposal format

Proposals must be submitted via e-mail in Word or PDF format


Send your proposal to chsgrant@iastate.edu with the subject line: Seed Grant Proposal – Untenured Faculty


You will receive an email confirming that the submission was received. If you do not, please follow up by contacting Jamie Wilson.