Innovative Teaching Initiatives

The College of Human Sciences Innovative Teaching Initiatives Grant (ITIG) supports development and delivery of innovative approaches to enhance student learning. Faculty members are invited to submit proposals outlining visionary plans that enhance CHS curricular offerings and:

  • Recruit new students.
  • Strengthen and/or expand current programs.
  • Reach new audiences.
  • Maximize use of faculty resources.
  • Develop effective teaching strategies.

Complete details: Refer to the Innovative Teaching Initiatives document (PDF) to see the details on priorities, examples, requirements, proposal process, and specific deadlines.


CHS Innovative Teaching Initiative grants are limited to a maximum total award of $30,000 which can be used over a maximum period of two years.


Any faculty member in the College of Human Sciences (tenured, tenure-eligible, adjunct, lecturer or clinician) may apply for a grant. Faculty may submit proposals as individuals or may join with others to submit a proposal as a faculty team. Cross-departmental proposals are encouraged.


The proposed submission deadline is Tuesday, November 1, 2016. The award is announced in December. Refer to the Innovative Teaching Initiatives document for specific details.

Final Report

Recipients of an Innovative Teaching Grant must submit a final report no later than 90 days following the end of the grant cycle.  The final report need not be lengthy but should include three basic parts:  1) a narrative of accomplishments, 2) a financial accounting of expenditures, and 3) a discussion of how the new course (or course improvement) will be sustained.