Engaged Scholarship Funding Program

The Engaged Scholarship Funding Program solicits proposals in the fall. The intent of this funding program is to assist College of Human Sciences and Human Sciences Extension and Outreach faculty and staff to procure funding for research projects that focus on engagement, translate research into practice, and involve and benefit individuals, families, and communities in Iowa. Faculty and staff develop and lead projects in Iowa counties targeted to individuals, families, and communities, and Iowa’s counties and people are exposed to and incorporated into projects that include collaboration with researchers and scholars at Iowa State University.

Complete details: Refer to the Engaged Scholarship Funding document (PDF) to see the details on committee membership and duties, funding, reviewing process, and specific requirements.


Proposals will be reviewed and funding decisions made according to the following timeline:

  • October 31: Proposals due to Deb Sellers, chair of the Engaged Scholarship Funding Program Committee.
  • November 27: Initial review by the Engaged Scholarship Funding Program committee completed.
  • November-March: Review by County Extension Councils for annual funding awards (multi-year awards possible; up to $50,000/year). Review by the Engaged Scholarship Funding Program committee completed for Human Sciences Extension and Outreach Foundation awards (multi-year possible; total grant award of $1,500 or less).
  • March 15: Announcements of awards for annual funding and foundation awards.
  • April-May: Review by County Extension Councils for end-of-year funding (1-year awards only; up to $40,000).
  • May 15: Announcements of awards for end-of-year funding.
  • July 1: Funds are available on or before July 1
  • June 30: Funds must be spent of the following fiscal year.


The Principal Investigator (PI) must be full-time faculty or staff in the College of Human Sciences or Human Sciences Extension and Outreach and eligible to lead external funding proposals. Direct funding from this program will only be awarded to eligible faculty and staff members from College of Human Sciences and Human Sciences Extension and Outreach. Both entities encourage, but do not require, collaborations from researchers and/or extension specialists in different departments. Cross-college collaborations with researchers and/or extension specialists in other colleges or institutions are encouraged, but personnel expenditures can only support faculty, staff, or students of Iowa State University (ISU).

Submission requirements

Proposals must be combined into one document (in proposal format order) and submitted via e-mail (in Word format) to Deb Sellers with Engaged Scholarship Funding Proposal in the subject line. You will receive an email confirming the submission was received. If you do not, please contact Patti Lewis.