Jenna Petersen

Jenna wants to use her degree in kinesiology and health to work in health coaching and wellness. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys exercising, baking, or playing guitar.

Jenna makes an impact with Human Sciences Week

When Jenna heard about the opportunity to be a student co-chair for Human Sciences Week, she looked forward to the opportunity to make an impact within the College of Human Sciences.

“I wanted to get more involved with the college and with a leadership position,” she said. “This email came out and said I should apply—so I did!”

After receiving the position, Jenna got to work and started planning the second annual Human Sciences Week.  As a co-chair, Jenna coordinated events like guest speakers, philanthropy opportunities, and the famous cherry pie sale. She also recruited volunteers to help the 2016 Human Sciences Week run smoothly.

“It’s hard to pick a favorite event,” she said. “The liquid nitrogen ice cream making demo was really cool, and the Dean Jolly welcome was really nice. It was great to get to know her.”

With five different departments, Jenna said she loves that Human Sciences Week incorporates all of them into one celebration. She feels that including the college’s history and implementing ideas from students and faculty members is what makes HS Week unique.

“Students wanted to celebrate the college, as well as celebrate the diversity within the college,” she said. “We have a strong purpose, and it’s a really great way to engage with the college.”

For freshmen who are interested in Human Sciences Week, Jenna recommends volunteering as well as attending the events and giving feedback.

“Go to the events to see what they’re like,” she said. “Think about what you would like to see improved and come with ideas.”