Additional Support

Paul D. Coverdell Fellow

The ISU 4U Promise partners with the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program, a graduate fellowship program that offers financial assistance to returned Peace Corps Volunteers. All Fellows complete internships in underserved American communities, allowing them to bring home, and expand upon, the skills they learned as Volunteers. These skills in adapting to new cultures, developing and managing projects, dealing with language barriers, and leveraging limited resources attract the attention of prospective schools. The Multicultural Education Coverdell Fellow at ISU completes an internship in the specific contexts of two urban elementary schools, their associated community-serving organizations, and broader neighborhood contexts of the ISU 4U Promise initiative. The goal of such work would be to develop and facilitate programming to enhance socio-academic outcomes to promote college access, build strong relationships with youth and families, and enhance awareness of the ISU 4U Promise.

Teacher Education Students

Elementary education majors at ISU have the opportunity to do their field experiences at King or Moulton elementary schools. Currently, this opportunity includes additional resources for pre-service teachers to learn about urban education, such as an overview of the communities, neighborhood walks, debriefing conversations and work in community organizations.

Professional Development for Teachers

School of Education faculty members will work with Des Moines Public School curriculum directors and King and Moulton school principals to plan professional development opportunities that are responsive to teachers interest and needs.

Presidential Hire

Julio Cammarota, an associate professor of multicultural education in the School of Education and state specialist in Human Sciences Extension and Outreach, joined the faculty as a presidential high-impact hire in fall 2015. Dr. Cammarota plans to work with students in the ISU 4U Promise communities in the area of participatory action research with Latina/o youth.


ISU’s Research Institute for Studies in Education (RISE) is the evaluator for the ISU 4U Promise. RISE’s goal is to document and describe the impact and implementation context of the ISU 4U Promise.