Graduate Student Profiles

Amy Pilcher

Amy Pilcher knows she wants to be a director of online learning. When she isn't studying or at her assistantship, she enjoys practicing Taekwondo and Korean with her sons and spending time with family. 

Angelica Jasper

Angelica Jasper aspires to teach gerontology. When she isn't studying or researching, she enjoys taking advantage of doing nothing, kayaking, and being outside.

Yan Su

Yan Su will use her degrees to become a gerontological nursing professor. When she isn't studying, she enjoys getting involved with her church community.

Carlos Casanova

Driven by a traumatic experience immediately following high school graduation, Carlos Casanova is determined to become a professor in an Institution of Higher Education, along with staying actively engaged with youth in the Latino community.

Emily McKnight

Emily McKnight aspires to be an author, certified dating/relationship coach, and a tenured professor. When she isn't studying, she enjoys spending quality time with her family.

Anupma Singh

Anupma Singh aspires to become a professor. When she isn’t on campus or working on her research projects, she enjoys taking care of her two sons, listening to books on Audible, and watching different sporting events.

Melissa Delinger

Melissa Delinger plans to open her own non-profit organization. When she isn't studying, she enjoys spending time with her family, husband, and daughter. 

Greta Stuhlsatz

Greta Stuhlsatz will use her degree to teach at a research institute. When she isn't studying, she enjoys being active outside by biking or playing disc golf, relaxing with a good book, knitting/crocheting, and spending time with the wonderful people she's met at Iowa State.

Shinyoung Jeon

Shinyoung Jeon is determined to apply her research practically. When she isn't studying, she enjoys traveling around the world, she's been to over 10 cities and four other countries since she started at Iowa State.

Hardeep K. Obhi

Hardeep K. Obhi wants to work as a researcher. When she isn’t studying she enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching movies, and learning about other cultures.

Marissa Holst

Marissa Holst plans to become a professor and continue her research. When she isn’t studying she enjoys spending time with her partner and family, reading novels and catching up on television shows, and spending time outdoors playing Frisbee golf or sitting around bonfires.

Erin Neill

Erin Neill hopes to work at a university where she can research and continue working as a social worker. When she isn’t studying or working as the networking officer in the HDFS Graduate Student Network, she enjoys spending time with friends and her significant other relaxing, exploring Des Moines, and participating in yoga classes at the gyms on campus.

Peggy Lockhart

Peggy Lockhart's interest in gerontology started when she was young. When she isn't studying, Peggy loves spending time with her sons and their families, volunteering, and riding her bike.

Randie D. Camp

Randie D. Camp plans to help others through her graduate degree. When she isn’t studying or working on research, she enjoys reading young adult novels, being ridiculously silly with  her son, or watching a Marvel movie.