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Josh Zimmerman
Major: Kinesiology and Health
Minor/option/emphasis: Exercise Science

Company/Organization: Tucson Strength
Company/Organization website:
Title: Intern
Destination: Tucson, Arizona
Timeframe: Spring 2017

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
The first 4-6 weeks involved shadowing each of the trainers in one on one sessions and when they taught group fitness classes. I also managed the front desk, helping set up consultations for leads, selling products, and managing the trainer software for classes. Inventory of all products were done once a month and regular gym cleaning. After the first phase, I helped teach kettle bell classes by learning the StrongFirst methods, and programmed sessions for one on one clients and helped train the members of the powerlifting group. Also worked in marketing, making newsletters and informative material for members and learned a bit about how social media platforms bring new members to the gym.

I accomplished...
The biggest accomplishment I had was attending the Titleist Performance Institute seminar in Long Beach, California to take my certification as a golf fitness coach. After the long weekend in California, I came home and took the TPI Fitness level 2 coaching certification and was asked to stay on staff after completing my degree to bring in a new program at the gym. They have given me freedom to set up the program however I would like, by creating training packages and rates, to how the classes and one on ones will be performed, and they're allowing me to create a network of medical professionals and golf coaches around the area to help our businesses succeed.

I learned...
The major lesson I learned from this experience was that each client has their own limitations, previous and current injuries and needs, etc. Working in one on ones helped me realize that you may have a great workout planned for the client, but depending on how they feel on a particular day, you will need to be flexible in your session and able to progress or regress the exercises, or be able to change the workout completely.

Advice for others...
As a trainer, you can be the best at programming for individual clients and have them do structured workouts, but you also need to have great communication skills and be able to empathize with them. When you work with a client, there is a lot of down time, and you'll need to be able to talk and care about what they have to say. Members of a gym don't just stick around because they know they have a trainer that really knows their stuff. It's about building relationships with them and knowing them on a personal level. Before I realized I would be offered a position at the gym, I found I would be missing a lot of clients because I have gotten to know them so well from just talking and having a good time during our sessions. One client even gave me a putter! Also, we get a lot of home-baked goods and bottles of wine!

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