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Jarett Donohoe
Major: Kinesiology and Health
Minor/option/emphasis: KIN-Exercise Science
Year: Senior
Hometown/State: Iowa

Type of experience: Internship
Company/Organization: Williamsburg Jr/Sr High School
Company/Organization website:
Title: Summer Strength and Conditioning Intern
Destination: Williamsburg, Iowa
Timeframe: May 9 to August 5

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
During my internship I was in charge of leading the daily warm-ups for each workout session throughout the day. I was also put in the weight room between warm-ups to assist with the lifting program.

I accomplished...
I have grown as a leader in exercise though my internship at WHS. I have become comfortable leading in a group setting as well as become more skilled in communicating with clients and my peers.

My most valuable effort...
The most valuable project I worked in my opinion would have been the initial assessment each student athlete went through. We recorded everyone height, weight, vertical jump, 40 yard time. We also took 1RM on bench, squat, and dead lift. this was done in the first week of the program and it gave each athlete an insight on where they were at physically and helped motivate them to push themselves to get better.

I learned...
I was assigned to taking attendance every day and keep track of who way coming in for workouts and who was skipping out. By doing this I learned how to help motivate the athletes who weren't coming in to start pushing themselves to be a better athlete.

I will never forget...
One of the most memorable experiences during my internship would have to be helping the younger junior high kids with their form and technique for different lifts.

A surprising discovery...
Going into this internship I didn't think that I would be out in charge of much and that my opinion wouldn't matter very much, because I wasn't a coach there. Right away, I was asked to help put together the summer strength program with a few other coaches. They wanted my input to help come up with a better off season program that would be more effective then what they had in the past.

Advice for others...
I would tell them to go into this position wanting to work with younger athletes to tech them proper form and technique.

I first learned about this career-building experience from...
I graduated from Williamsburg High School and was talking to the football coach and athletic director one day. I was telling them about how I had to complete an internship for my degree and asked them if there was anything I could do with the high school.

I landed this assignment by...
Being from Williamsburg, I had good relationships with the coaches there and still knew a lot of people from the school.

I wanted this experience because...
I wanted to be close to home over the summer.

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