Internships using CHS students allow companies to train potential future employees, bring new energy, ideas, and skills to the office, and reduce the workload of full-time staff.

Benefits of hiring interns

Having interns gives employers the opportunity to:

  • Pre-screen potential employees while on-the-job in an on-the-job setting
  • Reduce the cost of training potential full-time employees
  • Access a year-round source of highly motivated pre-professionals
  • Reduce recruiting costs due to increased visibility at Iowa State
  • Add professional staff during critical projects/phases

Advantages of paid internships

Paid internships have special advantages to employers over unpaid. Generally, paid interns:

  • Are more productive
  • Are willing to work more hours
  • Are less likely to have an additional, paid, part-time job
  • Come from a larger pool of candidates that includes students whose budgets require a paid internship

Internships can be for academic credit or not for credit.  It is the goal of Iowa State University and our college that all internships be paid, although there may be some exceptions. For more information on internship compensation rules under Fair Labor Standards Act, refer to the FLSA guidelines.

Learn more

For more information on establishing internships, contact Tammy Stegman at 515-294-0626 or

Check out the CHS majors/programs list for an idea of the wide range of jobs for which our students are uniquely suited.

For employers guidelines on internships, refer to the Internship Guide, which includes information such as:


Keys to developing a successful internship

Compensation guidelines

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