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Manju Reddy receives financial award for supplement research: Manju Reddy, a food science and human nutrition professor, was awarded $33,332 from Gross-Wen Technologies LLC. Reddy will be studying selenium-rich algae, which can be used as a supplement in a highly absorbable form and plays an important role in maintaining human and animal health and preventing diseases. Reddy will assess the selenium availability of selenium rich-algae provided by Gross-Wen Technologies.
For more information, contact Manju Reddy in food science and human nutrition at 515-294-2024 or

Rosemary Perez receives grant for critical consciousness study: Rosemary Perez, an assistant professor in the school of education, obtained $3,000 in funding from the American College Personnel Association. Perez will use the funds to study undergraduate college students who participate in diversity dialogue courses and programs to understand the development of critical consciousness and how it is distinct from other diversity-related outcomes.
For more information, contact Rosemary Perez in the School of Education at 515-294-4447 or

Joey Talbert awarded financial grant for food safety research: Joey Talbert, an assistant professor in food science and human nutrition, received $80,000 from the National Science Foundation. His research focuses on the rapid detection of food and waterborne pathogens using phage-based nanobiosensors. While collaborating with researchers at Cornell University, he is integrating engineered bacteriophage with nanostructure elements to rapidly identify, separate, concentrate, and detect bacteria in a pragmatic manner.
For more information, contact Joey Talbert in food science and human nutrition at 515-294-7015 or

Cleve Redmond receives grant for drug use prevention research: Cleve Redmond, a scientists in the Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute, was granted $65,150 for the third year of a subcontract from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. This award is part of a National Institute on Drug Abuse-funded research project to evaluate a family-centered substance use program for American Indian adolescents.
For more information, contact Cleve Redmond in human development and family studies at 515-294-0114 or

Linda Hagedorn and Ran Li awarded funding for international student transfer experience research: Linda Hagedorn, the associate dean in the College of Human Sciences and Ran Li, postdoc in the School of Education received $800 from the University of Georgia for research on international student reverse transferring. Reverse transferring refers to moving from a four-year institute to a community college. Using a mixed method approach, the project will survey and interview international students from the largest community college in Iowa (DMACC) and the number one transfer destination university (ISU) in the state. This project will examine the decision-making process of reverse transfer and the transfer experiences of international students.
For more information, contact Linda Hagedorn in the School of Education at 515-294-5746 or

Donna Winham awarded funding for research collaborating with the "Shop Healthy/Compre Saludable Iowa" initiative: Donna Winham, an assistant professor in food science and human nutrition, received an additional $3,000 award, totaling $11,756, from the Iowa Department of Public Health. Winham and her research team (Jenny Baier, Shelly Palmer) will use the funding for evaluation of their Latino Nutrition Environment Measures Survey for Stores (Latino NEMS-S) in Sioux City and Davenport.
For more information, contact Donna Winham in food science and human nutrition at 515-294-5040 or

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